Base Oil

What is Kixx Lubo?

GS Caltex Base Oil can give the optimal solution for top quality lubricants.

In November 2007, GS Caltex began base oil production with 16,000BPSD capacity. As of 2010, its production capacity holds 23,000 BPSD; GS Caltex expanded its base oil production capacity to 26,000 BPSD through revamping of its Base Oil Plant in 2011. By using the latest cutting edge hydrocracking technology, GS Caltex produces high quality environment-friendly base oil which satisfies challenging specifications of lubricant manufacturers. GS Caltex has been exporting more than 70% of its total base oil production to overseas. As base oil demand in Asia continuously increases, GS Caltex aims to be the influential and dominant supplier of high quality base oil in Asia through further expansions and improvements.

The need for lubricant marketers to meet more stringent regulatory standards and challenging specifications is growing. The ongoing shift to higher quality automotive lubricants is driven mainly by the automobile industry’s increasingly demanding requirements such as severe vehicle emission standards. Industrial demand is also moving towards HVI hydraulic fluids and high oxidation stability turbine oils. Since more than 80% of th
e content of lubricants consists of base oil, higher quality base oil is essential in producing higher quality lubricants. GS Caltex Group II/III base oil can give the optimal solution for top quality lubricants which conventional base oils are not able to provide.

Through ingenuity in facility design, GS Caltex has the flexibility to control the desired amount of production of Group II and Group III base oil. GS Caltex can also produce high quality heavy grade base oil to replace white Oil and bright stock. GS Caltex Group II/III base oil has excellent low temperature properties and exceptionally bright white clear transparent qualities. The Group II/III base oil produced by GS Caltex is environment-friendly with low volatility, reducing oil consumption and improving fuel economy. And GS Caltex offers high thermal and oxidation stability to support drain interval extension. All these advantages are the result from the latest cutting edge hydrocracking technology. These benefits help GS Caltex adapt more efficiently to changing market conditions and generate greater customer satisfaction.

Kixx LUBO, the new name in base oil, is a combination of the GS Caltex family brand Kixx and lube base oil. The Kixx name originates from the etymology of “kick” to describe speed, strength, and dynamism. With the launching of Kixx LUBO, GS Caltex will focus on communicating with customers and establishing strategic partnerships.

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