Why Kixx?

Triple Double Technology


Triple Anti Technology significantly reduces friction within the engine through friction modifiers, ultimately improving fuel economy. MTM test results show lower friction coefficient for Kixx product equipped with friction modifier compared to product without friction modifier. Fuel economy was improved by 1.5 % through engine oil while other conditions for fuel economy testing were fixed.


Triple Anti Technology prevents and eliminates formation of varnish and sludge that are caused by thermal oxidation of lubricants in high temperatures. Viscosity increase on hours for Kixx G1 is much lower than specification limit, maintaining excellent anti-oxidation stability.

Triple Anti Technology protects and prolongs engine life through anti-wear additives that forms lubricating film between moving parts. Field test of Kixx G1 shows significantly less wear compared to API SM comparison.

Kixx With Triple Double Technology


Kixx automotive lubricants are formulated with Triple Double Technology, an exclusive and unique technology developed through extensive research and testing at GS Caltex. Consisting of Triple Anti Technology and Double Boosting Technology, our Triple Double Technology delivers optimized performance anytime, anywhere.

Double Boosting Technology


Double Boosting Technology allows temperature stability to be maintained in a wide spectrum of temperatures. Performance is maintained even in cold conditions as solidification of lubricants is deterred by pour point depressants of our Double Boostin Technology. Kixx LUBO, base oil used in formulating Kixx lubricants, shows highter viscosity index and lower CCS (Cold Cranking Simulator), meaning superior temperature stability.

Shear, or mechanical stress can lead to reduction in viscosity, thinning the lubricants. Double Boosting Technology boosts shear stability and enhanced shear stability of Kixx products allows the required properties and viscosity to be maintained consistently throughout usage.

Stable Driving


Superior low and high temperature stability and suppression of residue formation in the engine enables stable running without shaking.

Smooth Driving


It prevents engine wear/friction so driving stays smooth for a long time.

Dual Plus Technology


Kixx With Dual Plus Technology

Dual Plus Technology utilizes PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin)s, which have excellent temperature stability and anti-wear performance in extreme pressurized friction due to their solid molecular structures. Dual Plus Technology enables smooth driving and stable driving even in harsh driving environments through innovatinve and unique technology equipped with PAOs.

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